Language No Problem! To enjoy a day or night at the Amsterdam Fringe Festival, you don’t need a Dutch language course. Look for the LNP marker and you will find the shows that speak to you without any language barrier: Language No Problem!
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Best of Fringe Did you miss last year's winners of the Diorapthe Amsterdam Fringe Awards? Can't wait until the festival starts again in september? Want to see your favourite show once more? Or maybe you've never been to the Amsterdam Fringe Festival and want to see what all the fuss is about? In either one of these cases, go to Best of Fringe, the theater tour featuring the three winners of Fringe 2013.

  • April 24, Theater Bellevue, Amsterdam
  • May 1, 2, Theater Kikker, Utrecht
  • May 9, Theater Walhalla, Rotterdam

  • The winners

    Dioraphte Amsterdam Fringe Award 2013
    De bevrijding van Boos Mannetje - Sjoerd Meijer
    Theater Bellevue

    Amsterdam Fringe Silver Award 2013
    Mick Jagger is my Nightmare - Marius Mensink
    Theater Bellevue

    Amsterdam Fringe Bronze Award 2013
    Zonder Titel - Anna Hermanns
    Theater Bellevue

    The jury on De bevrijding van Boos Mannetje: “Sjoerd Meijer is poignant and entertaining. The endearing performer engages his audience with his transparent style of acting and displays his good sense of humour and a great capacity of storytelling."
    (9th edition)
      4 sept. - 14 sept. 2014

    1 Feb - 1 March 2014
    The application for the Amsterdam Fringe Festival is closed

    Best of Fringe 2013
    April 2014
    National tour of the top three winners from Fringe 2013
    Totally social! #amsfringe

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